At Fitnesolution, we do pre natal and post natal training.

It is important to workout during pregnancy. It keeps both the mother and the baby heathy. These exercises should be carefully designed, executed and monitored. It also makes the child birth and labor pains, easy. These exercises help you to ease of certain aches and pains like back ache, swollen feet and regulate your blood pressure. You come back in shape faster, after the child birth. Special breathing techniques are taught to the lady.

In post natal fitness training, we do exercises with the mother who has just delivered the baby and is looking forward to get back in shape. Whether you had a normal delivery or a caesarean, you should do post natal training. We also do mother and baby class together. 

We do only personal training and work one to one with each client so that the trainer can carefully supervise the client and go at your pace. Your safety is our prime concern.