Pilates for pregnancy in Fitnesolution

At Fitnesolution, we offer pre natal and post natal classes. We also do pilates for both. 

  • Pilates is gentle, low impact, low intensity workout. 
  • It focuses on breathing, posture and core. 
  • It works on correct posture and spine alignment. 
  • The deep breathing is specially beneficial both for the mother and baby in the womb, and supplies them with more oxygenated blood and the essential nutrients. 
  • Pilates focuses on lengthening the spine and hence creates more space in the womb for the baby to grow. 
  • In pilates, we can customize and modify the exercises depending on the need of person. 
  • Pilates helps us to improve balance, which gets affected due to increased body weight and belly. 
  • It keeps the body temperature low, helps to increase metabolism and improve digestion. 
  • It can reduce back pain, swelling, constipation, improve posture and in totality will give a feel good factor during pregnancy. Thus you have a healthy pregnancy.

We do recommend that you take your Doctor's approval before joining our session at Fitnesolution.