Pilates in Fitnesolution

At Fitnesolution, we do each class individually, in personal fitness training.

We offer mat based Pilates. We have magic circle. It is also called isotoner. We use swiss ball and thera bands and tubings. 

Pilates is excellent for core strengthening, back strengthening, and getting flat wash board abs. It is a low impact floor workout. It is also recommended for rehabilitation from injuries, for sports conditioning and for senior citizens.

What is Pilates?

Pilates, pronounced as puh-la-teez are a series of exercises designed by Joseph Pilates during world war -II, to help war victims, ballet dancers and himself. These exercises focus on core strengthening and breathing. These are excellent for rehabilitation. People who have back issues, are advised to do pilates. These exercises need to be done with focus, precision, correct breathing. control and flow. They say in one month of pilates training, you feel the difference, in two months you see the difference and in three months the whole world sees it.

Pilates gives you

Better posture

Correct breathing technique

Right body alignment

Relief from the back aches and pains

It has perfect ingredients to give you wholesome health and fitness.