Fitness trainer for a TV shows.

Kiran Sawhney from Fitnesolution has done over 500 fitness shows for different TV channels in India. She is spontaneous, has vast knowledge in the field  of fitness, that she brings on air. She has been doing TV shows since the age of 8 years as a child artist. She has a very popular channel on youtube, that has over 5600 subscribers and over 600 uploaded videos. Kiran has been influential in designing, promoting and marketing the fitness equipments on TV.

Kiran comes out with bright ideas for TV shows. Each of her show is fresh and has large audience appeal. One of her fitness show was aired continuously for over 7 years on DD sports. Each episode was of 25 minutes with Kiran leading the whole show. She has done fitness shows for majority of the national TV channels in India.

If you are looking for a fitness model/trainer for your TV show, contact Kiran here. Charges for the show can be discussed after consultation.