Fitness for Senior Citizens

  • At Fitnesolution we do cater to senior citizens. We train each person individually in personal training session.
  • Health and fitness is even more important as you get older.
  • After menopause it is important for women to do strength training.
  • As we grow older, our balance and coordination decreases. It makes us more susceptible to injuries.
  • To have more functional strength and ability, we need a focussed workout as we grow old.
  • With age our metabolism slows and we gain weight. We still want to be in shape.
  • At Fitnesolution we design special classes to suit your individual needs.
  • We train senior citizens as per their needs and requirements.

We do Bosu (for balance and coordination), strength training, Yoga, pilates, core training, Functional training, resistance training, TRX system, aqua aerobics and a lot more to cater to your needs.