Fitnesolution vs. Gym vs. Apps

1. We offer customised program plans to suit the individual needs. Each workout routine and diet plan is tailored made keeping an individual in mind.

2. A gym offers limited variation of workouts. Whereas in Fitnesolution, we believe in cross training and challenging through different workouts, every day. No two workouts are ever the same.

3. The trainers at Fitnesolution are extremely well qualified and experienced. The team is led by Kiran Sawhney herself, who takes care to design the program plan for each client.

4. We are result and goal oriented. We make impossible possible.

5. We make sure that your workouts are safe and effective. Our goal is to eliminate injury. 

6. We take care of your physical limitations, ailments and rehabilitation. 

7. We strive to maintain the highest standards in the fitness industry.

8. We follow a very scientific approach towards health and fitness. We make sure to enhance your fitness levels and help you achieve your desired goals.

9. We try to keep your lifestyle in mind while designing your program plan.

10. We impart knowledge to our clients that should come handy to them, if they want to workout on their own.

11. We keep ourself up to date with the latest research and methodology in the field of fitness.

12. Our workouts are fun. We want you to look forward to a new and challenging regime.

13. We workout with special population, with elite athletes and sports person

14. We work as a team with medical experts to design your program plans.

15. We try to fit in your busy schedule. You workout at your convenient time and days with a trainer, individually. 

16. We monitor your progress. We are result oriented. We make your file which measures your fat%, fat pounds, muscle mass, inches, etc.