Faq's for pilates in Fitnesolution

1. What do I wear and bring with me?

Wear loose, comfortable, workout clothes. No shoes are required. We do pilates on the mat, barefoot. The studio has a mat. If you wish, you can bring your own mat.

2. What age group can do pilates?

Pilates is suitable for every age group. Starting from children to senior citizens. At Fitnesolution, we workout with each client individually. We are able to customize and modify the exercise to meet the person's needs and goals. We make each person progress at their own pace. Pilates has different levels. 

3. I have an injury. Can I do pilates?

We recommend that you consult your doctor first. If he recommends pilates for you, we can help you with rehabilitation of your injury.

4. What is Pilates? What are its benefits?

Pilates, pronounced as puh-la-teez are a series of exercises designed by Joseph Pilates during world war -II, to help war victims, ballet dancers and himself. These exercises focus on core strengthening and breathing. These are excellent for rehabilitation. People who have back issues, are advised to do pilates. These exercises need to be done with focus, precision, correct breathing. control and flow. They say in one month of pilates training, you feel the difference, in two months you see the difference and in three months the whole world sees it.

Pilates gives you

  • Better posture
  • Correct breathing technique
  • Right body alignment
  • Relief from the back aches and pains
  • It has perfect ingredients to give you wholesome health and fitness.

5. I have a lower back ache. Can I still do pilates?

Yes, we do pilates for lower back ache. Read about it here.

6. I am pregnant. Can I do pilates?

Yes, we do pre natal and post natal training. Read about pilates during and after pregnancy here.

7. Can pilates help me in my sports conditioning?

Yes. We do pilates for sports conditioning. Read about it here.

8. What are the similarities and differences between yoga and pilates?

There are many similarities and many differences. Both are gentle and mat based. Both focus a lot on breathing. But unlike yoga, which is more static and holding a posture, pilates is dynamic. It flows. It moves. It focuses a lot on training the core muscles. It strengthens, tones and makes you supple. To get the benefits from both, sometimes we mix the two and get a fusion workout called yogilates.

9 How many times a week should I do pilates?

In Fitnesolution, we follow a holistic approach to fitness. In our personal training sessions, we do many different kinds of workouts including pilates. We cater to individual needs, goals and interests. We can give you only pilates class, if you desire and require, or we can mix it up with other classes. Sit with your trainer and discuss your workout plan.

10. Will I lose weight with pilates?

Pilates is dynamic. But it is not cardiovascular or aerobic workout. It may not be sufficient for weight loss. That is why, we mix with other forms of fitness like aerobics, kickboxing, etc. Pilates is excellent for core strengthening, toning, sculpting and rehabilitation.

11. How is mat pilates different from pilates done on reformer?

The mat pilates does the same exercises and uses the same muscles that are done on a reformer. With a competent trainer, you can get the same benefits, when you work against your own body resistance on a mat, instead of machine. We also use some equipments like thera bands, isotoner/magic circle, gym ball, foam roller, etc.

12. Can pilates help clients who have anxiety or depression?

Pilates works from inside to outside. It creates balance, harmony and helps us to connect within ourselves. It is recommended for people who have anxiety or depression. Pilates concentrates on breathing and on inner and deeper muscles. It creates balance and harmony inside. It is gentle and safe. As our deeper core muscles get stronger, they provide better stability to the joints. We work in full range of motion in every plane. This helps to release the built up tension in the muscles and joints. One is relaxed after a session of pilates. People respond even better to pilates than to medicines. Pilates corrects our old bad habits of wrong breathing, shallow breathing, incorrect posture. It improves our focus and attention. The flow of blood and the oxygen supply is enhanced when we do pilates.