Online Diet Counselling

How it works

  • We send you your diet plan online
  • We customize it as per your needs
  • We have tools to help you stay on track
  • We keep you motivated
  • We monitor your progress
  • You are able to maintain the weight loss.

Constant support

  • Your diet counselor will give you constant online support
  • You can refer to your diet counselor as often as you want.
  • You can also speak to your dietician.

Diet made for you

  • Your diet is made according to your lifestyle and choices.
  • Variety of diet plans.
  • Diet for veg/non veg/vegan
  • Optional exercise plans
  • Easy and practical diet tips
  • Easy recipes
  • Stay informed with out health and diet fitness tips and newsletters.

The basic plan is for those people who are targeting approximately 10-15 kilos of weight loss. To be more precise if you want to eat right and have better fitness levels, it is for you. This will include your nutritional assessment based on which we design your diet strategy, 2 follow ups and constant support.

Charges for diet counselling

$ 80 or INR. 5000/- for a month.

We send you your diet online.

            Healthy and delicious diet + easy to follow plan= Weight Loss