Dietician/ Nutritionist

At Fitnesolution, we give a lot of importance to diet and nutrition.

    Through diet counselling and Nutrition guidance, we help you to:

Lose weight
    Lose fat & tone muscle
    Boost energy & stamina
    Become more flexible & mobile
    Be fit & healthy
    Improve core stability & strength
    Improve sports performance

Our mission is to support & guide you to achieve long-term good health for quality of life. We take pride in providing a professional services based on integrity, safety, education, & enjoyment.

We give diet counselling to:



Schools- school children/teenagers

Pre natal and post natal women

Sports persons and elite athletes

Senior Citizens

E training clients

We look at your current nutrition & give you recommendations incorporating techniques such as food substitution, food suggestions and nutrient balancing.
We also guide you how to break bad eating habits such as sugar cravings, overeating, binging, depressive eating, etc.
Each week we check in & discuss any nutrition issues that need addressing for you to achieve results.

Charges for diet counselling

Rs. 7000/- for a month.

You may have to come once or twice a week for consultation.

We can also send you your diet online.