Quotes continued Then, after some years of also following her blogposts did I notice in her another depth and I started sharing fitness articles by her with my friends for facts. When you are with her, training under her, nothing is more important to her than you. Nothing even exits for her. That is why I say she lives the essence of dharma. Then when she went to apprentice under Daniel Trenner to be a Tango teacher, I found myself sharing her posts as example of dedication, with my friends. I knew it was time to Tango. There is a testimonial here which calls her the ?iron butterfly? I think the writer has put it precisely, especially now when I am acquainted with the phrase ?the butterfly effect?. The feathers in her cap turn into the various hues of her wings as she is flying higher with aerial yoga these days. Quotes
Bhawna Kapoor

Quotes I knew she was wise the first time I met her, but there was more, she was wise in a rare sense as well (I will tell you the details if you will ask). Thus, I had faith in her: I knew she was one who breathes dharma: she would do to you what she wishes for herself. If you have every had a shiatsu session with Kiran Sawhney you would find yourself wondering whether she should title herself a healer or a fitness expert! Since I was already regular with my asanas, she made it a breeze for me to do the headstand! As a kid I would practise this asana but it was not comfortable. She made it comfortable with her technique and the clear explanation of it. And when I wished to discuss my career path with her, she was all ears on that day on the floor of her fitness studio. I can never forget the sincerity with which she was responding to me. It was our second meeting. Quotes
Bhawna Kapoor

Quotes I have hired a fitness trainer from Fitnesolution. I am very satisfied with the services. They are very professional and committed. My trainer keeps me motivated. I enjoy my workouts. Quotes
Sajid Ali

Quotes I am a housewife. I had gained a lot of weight. I had tried every possible thing- different gyms, different trainers, herbal medicines, dieting, dieticians, etc. I would lose weight and it would come back. I was frustrated. Then one day, I saw Kiran on TV. I contacted her. Since then, there is no looking back. I have shed all the weight that I wanted to. But I continue to be with her because I am now addicted to her workouts. Yes, her workouts are addictive. I cannot think about joining any other place now. Quotes
Geetika Desai

Quotes I used to find all kinds of possible excuses not to workout and not to diet - I do not have time, I have meeting, I have a party to attend- so I have to eat and drink, I am traveling and what not. I was unhealthy and unfit. My health had started taking a toll on me. I came to Fitnesolution to "try a session" with the personal fitness trainer, Kiran Sawhney. I do not know how and what she does. But today I am a health freak. I run marathons, I cannot ever skip my fitness sessions, I take her advice and workout even when I travel. Today I am in great shape, all thanks to Kiran. My old clothes (of fat days) do not fit me anymore. I have had to change the whole wardrobe. But I am not the only one in Fitnesolution, who had to completely change the wardrobe. This woman is magical. Trust me. Quotes
Purab Sethi

Quotes ***** I lead a very busy life. I used to be a sports person in college but, health and fitness took a back seat after my pregnancy and due to my work. I gained weight and had touched almost 100 kilos. That is when, I decide to take control of my life. I had heard about Kiran Sawhney, the personal fitness trainer at Fitnesolution. I took an appointment with her. I had lots of apprehensions about the success with my weight loss. But since the day, Kiran took over, my life has changed. I have lost half of my weight with her. It is incredible that I have lost 48 kilos with her. I have transformed from fat to fit. I love it when I get so many compliments. I am more confident about myself. I can look after my family better. I look half my age. Everyone from my colleagues, to my friends praise me. It could not have been possible without Kiran Sawhney. I still continue to work with her. She is part of my life now. Thanks Kiran. Quotes
Sakshi Mehra
Ceo of a Company