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New forms of fitness

Posted by on December 20, 2014 at 3:45 AM

 There are tried and tested forms of fitness regimes that are age old and will always be there like Yoga, the ultimate mantra for getting fit. There are also others, which have been added, in recent years like aerobics, step aerobics, Pilates, kickboxing, etc. A lot is known and written about them. Every year, new forms of fitness become a rage. These are incorporated after a lot of research. They are not a fad. They add a new dimension of challenge to our existing workout. They are fun and should be tried. Let us introduce you to some new and latest forms of fitness regimes.

1. Aerial silk/ aerial workout/aerial yoga: A simple piece of cloth hanging from the ceiling, from the carabineer. Artists, dancers, ballerinas have already incorporated it. Now it is spreading to masses. As people realize that no other forms of fitness can give them the exhilaration of flying in the air. You need lot of strength to do it. Specially, the upper body strength, which is normally neglected in other forms of fitness. You learn to climb, hang and pull yourself up.

2. Battle ropes: We saw Priyanka Chopra doing it in the movie Mary Kom and people got intrigued by it. These are heavy ropes that you move. It is a full body strengthening and toning workout that burns lots of calories and fat.

3. Fitness ladder: Taken from sports professionals, it involves lot of challenging activities, targeted to improve your agility, functional strength, and cardiovascular endurance. There are lot of jumps and propulsion movements. That gives high impact and high intensity workout.

4. TRX: Another suspension training. Navy seal officers for training popularly used it. Unlike, tubing or resistance band, these do not stretch. You work on it and use your body resistance. You can do a complete workout with these simple bands, which can be for upper body, arms, legs, thighs or core.

5. BOSU: We cannot stand on a gym ball or a swiss ball but we can stand on half a ball, which is like a semi circle or a dome- flat from the bottom and ball on the side up. That is the full form of Bosu- ball on side up. Since you are standing and working out on an unstable surface, your core is involved and you improve your balance and agility. It works on neuro muscular facilitation and helps you to avoid injuries.

6. Partner workout: What can be better than working out together, motivating each other, provide challenge and resistance to each other and be a Zen and meditation for each other. Acro Yoga and Tango Yoga are two such workouts where you workout in a pair and in perfect harmony and sync. Tango is a rage now. People are realizing how through simple movements, they are able to achieve a state of bliss that no other form of meditation, tai chi or Zen accomplishes for them. 

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