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To exercise or not during periods?

Posted by on July 16, 2014 at 2:10 PM


This is a common question that my female clients ask me- Should we workout during periods or not? Many elders in the house advice not to workout during those few days. People think that girls will have heavy bleeding if they workout.


I ask you a question- Do I, as a fitness trainer, stop my work during periods? Do sports professionals and athletes not participate in competitions due to periods?


The fact is, that it is bennefecial to workout during periods. The hormones that are released while exercising- endorphines are very helpful in many ways. If you experience stomach cramps, irritability, anxiety, increased cravings of sweets, all this is taken care of, when you exercise. The muscles of the stomach are warmed up and eased. Unless and until, your doctor has warned you due to some specific reasons, not to workout during periods, it is absolutely safe to workout during periods. Rather it is beneficial. The reaserch proves that you do lose weight if you workout during periods.


If you feel very uncomfortable, you may vary your workout or not do very rigorous and intense workout. But periods should not be the reason for you to skip your workout.

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