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7 tips for aging with grace

Posted by on July 16, 2014 at 2:35 AM

These days, people have many options for reversing the age. We have anti wrinkle creams, botox, injectible fillers, skin tightning surgery. But none of this can ensure that you will age gracefully. The fountain of youth is not to be found in the plastic surgeon's table.

Here are few tips to age gracefully.

1. Accept your age. Dress accordingly. There is no point wearing dresses meant for your daughter even if you both are the same size.

2. Be comfortable in your own skin and with your age.

3. Exercise- Do pilates, yoga, pranayam, meditation. It really helps both the body and skin.

4. Take care of yourself- your diet, your health, your skin, nails, hair etc.

5. You do not necessarily have to have silver hair, pearl string, tight bun, mother hubbard dress or silk sari to look graceful. Just be yourself is the key mantra.

6. Follow your dreams and your passions.

7. Be full of life.

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