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Growing old with grace

Posted by on July 15, 2014 at 6:05 AM

At Fitnesolution, we do workouts for senior citizens. Here are few tips to age gracefully. These are not necessarily fitness tips. 

1. Live in your own place. Enjoy your privacy and independence.

2. Hold on to your bank deposits and assets.

3. Do not depend on your children's promise to take care of you when you grow old. Their priorities will change with time.

4. Have a good circle of friends. Surround yourself with positive and like minded people.

5. Do not compare or expect anything from others.

6. Do not interfere in your children's life.

7. Do not demand respect or care or attention because you are old.

8. Act and think independently.

9. Pray and meditate.

10. Take care of your and your spouse's health. Eat well.

11. Do not retire rom life. Learn new things everyday.

12. Get enough rest and sleep every day.

13. This is the time to follow your heart and live for yourself. Fulfil your unfulfilled wishes. 

14. Keep yourself well hydrated.

15. Avoid injuries and fall.

16. Try to get as much workout as your body allows. 

Age on your own terms- gracefully and beautifully. 

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