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Review Insanity workout

Posted by on June 16, 2014 at 9:10 AM

Everyday there is a new workout introduced in the industry. Some are old wine in a new bottle. A new fancy name is given, different marketing and publicity and the fitness enthusiasts go crazy about it. 

A new workout is called insanity. There are insanity DVD's available which are quite challenging.

Have a look at the video here

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It is similar to tabata. It is high energy workout that uses your own body weight. You can workout at home with a DVD. Being high intensity, it burns lots of calories and fat as you sweat out. But you require high fitness levels to do this. 

If you are unfit, aging, recovering from some injury or pains, do not attempt it. But if you are looking for a challenging workout, go for it.

Do it on the right surface area which absorbs shock. Sports wooden floor is ideal. It is high impact workout too.

Do not forget to warm up, cool down, stretch and replenish lots of fluids.

Do this insane workout with sanity.

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