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Workout according to body type.

Posted by [email protected] on June 11, 2014 at 10:25 AM

There are three types of bodies Ectomorph: Long and lean- they have less body fat. They do not gain weight easily. They are skinny. This body type is naturally good at aerobic activity that is any activity that involves cardiovascular activity that escalates the heart rate for long duration. This body type make ideal long distance runner. But their weakness is strength. Their bones are light and they cannot lift heavy weights. They are not good sprinters. They have good cardiovascular endurance and stamina. So they can run long distance at moderate speed. This is called jogging. Endomorphs: They are curvaceous. They have thick limbs, shorter arms and large chest cavity. They have good strength but their weakness is aerobic activity. But if they have to loose weight and become leaner, that is what is required for them. They are better at walking long distance or activities like lifting weights or gentle activities like yoga. Mesomorph: The all round athlete They look athletic. They can run long distance but not as well as ectomorphs. What they are very good at is sprinting. Specially, because of their long limbs. But we fitness trainers believe that heredity is not your destiny. Everything can be reversed. You can make your weakness your strength if you work on it.

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