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5 fat burning plyometric exercises

Posted by on July 5, 2014 at 8:15 AM

Plyometrics are explosive, fat burning, high impact, high intensity, high endurance exercises that require speed, agility and propulsion. These are powerful exercises that burn tons of caories and fat. Make sure you are warmed up, wearing good shoes and doing them at the right surface which is stable and provides enough cushioning. 

5 fat burning plyometric exercises can be

1. Jumping jacks

2. Skipping high- on the spot

3. Lunge jump and switch the legs.

4. Push up, stand and jump up./ Burpees

5. Skaters 

Pilates scissors

Posted by on July 5, 2014 at 2:35 AM

Pilates is excellent for core strengthening, alignment and posture correction. It is a dynamic exercise.
Shown above is scissors.

Different types of Yoga

Posted by on July 5, 2014 at 12:25 AM

1. Bikram Yoga

2. Kundalini Yoga

3. Hatha Yoga

4. Ashtanga Yoga

5. Anusara Yoga

6. Vinayasa Yoga

Portable Gym- Anytime, anywhere

Posted by on July 5, 2014 at 12:05 AM

These are the things that you can carry with you and create a portable gym anywhere you want.

1. Yoga mat

2. Workout shoes

3. Thera band or resistance band/tubing

4. Water botte

5. Sports bra

6. Pedometer/ Heart rate monitor/ ipod

Get your workout on the go- anytime, anywhere.


Posted by on July 4, 2014 at 11:05 AM

Linear vs Circular strength training.

Exercises like squats, push ups etc, work on single linear plane. Circular strength training with clubbells are three dimensional. These focus on rotatory and circular movements.
This helps you to have lean and flat abs. 
Strengthen and sculpt your core
Dramatically improve your posture.

Exercise for strong and ribbed legs.

Posted by on July 2, 2014 at 11:45 PM

 For strong and ribbed legs, on must do running, skipping, hopping, jumping swimming, kickboxing. All this targets the longer muscles of legs.

Besides this one can use special equipments for strengthening, sculpting, toning and stretching.

Leg raises done with machines or with a partner is also a good exercise for strong legs.

Nothing beats squats, lunges and calf raises when you exercise against your own body resistance.

In these exercises, technique is very important. These must be done after learning the right technique from a qualified trainer. The trainer is able to correct your posture and work on your body alignment.

You can use resistance bands or ankle weights to tone up your legs. The exercises can also be done on a swiss ball.

For stretching the legs yourself, thera band is very useful.

Here I am stating few very useful exercises for legs and the right way to do them.

1. Squat and Lunges- Keep the back straight. Make sure that the angle of knee flexion is not more than 90 degree as that tends to injure the knee. In Lunges, go straight down. The back heel should be up throughout. You can make squats and lunges more challenging by doing them on unstable surface like a Bosu. If your back hurts while doing a squat, keep a gym ball behind your back and place it against the wall. Then do the same. Slowly increase the repetitions and sets every day. Another excellent equipment to do squats and lunges is a ramp. It is a inclined surface which really targets your rear muscles like calves, hips and hamstrings a lot.

2. Calf raises- Stand on a raised platform. This can be a bench or even a thick book. To add more resistance, you can hold weights- either dumbbells or barbells. Lift the heels up and go down. It is very good calf exercise.

3. Side leg abduction- It works on abductors or the sides of the thigh. You can choose to do it side lying on a mat, or a bench or a surface like gym ball. You can even wear leg weights while doing it.

 4. There are resistance bands that can be died to your legs to work on abductors and adductors. Thera bands specially help you to stretch the muscles of your legs. It is very important to stretch both quadriceps and hamstrings after activities like running, jogging, swimming and cycling

Fly Yoga

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4 excellent stretches for spine.

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Plank to give better results

Posted by on July 2, 2014 at 1:20 AM


We all want sculpted abs and we want to look lean and tall. For this, you have done forearm planks many a times. Maybe you have also participated in plank challenges. Maybe by now, you really know it all- stomach pulled in, neck in line, back straight, neither hunching in nor upward, keep the palms down and do not hold or clasp your hands. But when you do it, you feel most in your arms and shoulders and not your abs. Yes, your form is off. So, today I am suggesting a slight modification that will make your plank more effective.

The modification is to turn the palms upwards. What is the reason behind this? Let me explain.

If you press the palms down, you do engange the arm and shoulder muscles. If you press the palms together, like a fist, your arm muscles are engaged and they help to stabilize you. But if you turn the palms upwards, it is all about the core. The arms and forearms will not support this plank at all. Also you will not hunch your shoulders in this position. The pronator teres here is positioned in. It is like standing with palms facing forward. Most of our jobs, like cooking, rolling a bread, writing, typing on computer, etc brings are forearm to face downward. By turning the palms up in your planks, you create a balance.

Perform your plank to help you give flat washboard abs that you want.

4 Mistakes can ruin your Fitness Effort.

Posted by on July 1, 2014 at 10:10 AM


1. No Cross training


We all know people who say that for years they have been walking regularly without fail. They do this everyday. Yet, they do not get their desired result. There are others, who go and do gym regularly. Everyday they run on treadmill, do cross trainer or stationary bike. Yet, they have been able not shed any weight. You also know your own trainer, who trains you everyday for aerobics and yet is fat herself. What are these people doing wrong? They are not cross training. Just as we do not eat exactly the same food everyday, just as we know that balanced diet comprises of variety of things. Each one has its own importance. Similarly, you are not supposed to do the same workout everyday. In this scenario, the body gets accustomed to a workout. When the mind is bored, the body has already been bored. It has stopped benefiting from a particular regime. So change. Cross train. Do different things on different days. There is so much you can do. Play your favorite sport. Join aerobics, or a Bollywood based workout like Doonya, do bootcamp, aqua aerobics, go for swim or biking, do yoga or pilates. Nowadays, innovative trainers even combine two or three forms of workouts and come up with interesting and effective workout plans. Look for a trainer who can offer you a variety and keeps you motivated.



2. Input is more than output


Getting fit, shedding weight is no rocket science. We all know that to shed weight the output should be more than the input. If you consume the same or rather more calories what you have burnt, how can you ever loose even a kilo. Maybe you end up gaining weight. Walking for an hour does not entitle you to a cup of ice cream or a burger or a pizza. I never tell my clients to crash diet. What I say, is eat sensibly. Eat balanced, wholesome and nutritious meals instead of junk and dense in calories food.


3. Wrong technique, wrong posture, copying from videos and self - help.


Every field has and expert and we take their help to do a specific job. Then when it comes to your own body and health, why not rely on experts and qualified fitness professionals, who can customize and design your workout plans to suit your individual needs based on your fitness goals, medical history, your interests, body type etc. Do exercises under careful supervision and guidance. The trainer not only motivates you but also corrects your form and posture. Slight modification in the technique can make a world of a difference. Same exercise that can benefit you, can also injure you if it is done incorrectly. You may just copy a move from a video or seeing someone else do it but if you breathe wrong, do not keep spine aligned or check how you are shifting your weight, etc. you may end up harming yourself. What may be right for your friend or partner may not be suit you. A trainer will change and modify according to your needs.



4. Overdoing


In your enthusiasm to get quick fixes and fast result, you should not overdo anything. Straining, overdoing, not getting enough rest is not good for your body. Balance is important. Too much, too fast, too soon is the surest path that leads to injury. You have to get adequate rest, eat correct, exercise correct to get your desired results.