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My article in Times of India- 13th July 2015

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Based on Foam Rollers as mentioned here

Tips to lose weight

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Blood sugar levels determine your hunger pangs. Generally the bag of potato chips start attracting at night. You go for that brick of icecream lying in your fridge at bedime. If you keep your blood sugar levels in control by eating frequent meals throughout the day, your metabolism is boosted and you binge less. You snack healthy. Conquering cravings at bedtime is the hardest thing to do. That is also the time when you are relaxing. Stock up your fridge with things like- asparagus, edamame, artichokes, etc. Have a count of calories you consume in a day. Also have will power and determination to lose specific number of calories in your workout. Once you really take care of that, losing weight is not such a big ordeal. 

Workout in office

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It is simple, easy and fun to incorporate workouts in an office set up. Many good workouts require not much space and no equipment. Sitting stationary at a point is not good for muscles. The sedentary jobs also lead to obesity. So best is to move the muscles in whatever space we have.


Get up from your chair and work on your laptop standing and in squating position. This works on thighs. You will get buns of steel.

Replace the office chair with a gym ball/ exercise ball. This is great for core and posture. Since you are not reclining or leaning back, your core is automatically activated and engaged while trying to maintain the balance.

You can do push ups, tricep dips, squats, lunges, even ab crunches all using your chair or table.

For back- it gets stiff while sitting in one position. It is important to stretch and strengthen it. While sitting in your chair, turn around.(as shown in pic) This twist come from the base of your spine. It is an excellent stretch for your back. Similarly bend sideways.

Also work on back extensions, either lying on mat or on a gym ball. This strengthens the back muscles (erector spinae).

For stiff shoulders, just roll your shoulders time to time, sitting on your chair. do forward and back rotations. Also you can alternately lift arms overhead.

Standing in tadasana is a good posture to help to release stress. Also while seated in your chair you can do some breathing and meditating exercises like kapalbati or anulom vilom.

Aerial workout for kids in Fitnesolution.

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It helps the kids to grow taller, grow stronger, focus and balance. 

My article in men's health magazine

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Here is my article in Men;s health magazine- Bursting some populare myths related to workout and fitness.

My article in Mint Newspaper

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My article in minte Newspaper. It can be seen here.

7 Signs that signify that you should rest and not workout

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Do not ignore these signs and symptoms. They signify that your body is demanding rest and you should not workout. Listen to your body and prevent injury.

1. You get up tired. You have terrible aches and pains and the body is not moving.

2. Your heart rate (specially the resting heart rate) is higher than normal. On an averate the resting heart rate should be 72 BPM (beats per minute).

3. You look pale. Your mouth feels dry.

4. You are feverish.

5. Your head is dizzy. You are sweating and shivering.

6. You feel giddy and pukish

7. You feel as if cold is coming. The throat is hurting. The nose is blocked.

5 fat burning plyometric exercises

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Plyometrics are explosive, fat burning, high impact, high intensity, high endurance exercises that require speed, agility and propulsion. These are powerful exercises that burn tons of caories and fat. Make sure you are warmed up, wearing good shoes and doing them at the right surface which is stable and provides enough cushioning. 

5 fat burning plyometric exercises can be

1. Jumping jacks

2. Skipping high- on the spot

3. Lunge jump and switch the legs.

4. Push up, stand and jump up./ Burpees

5. Skaters 

Pilates scissors

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Pilates is excellent for core strengthening, alignment and posture correction. It is a dynamic exercise.
Shown above is scissors.

Different types of Yoga

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1. Bikram Yoga

2. Kundalini Yoga

3. Hatha Yoga

4. Ashtanga Yoga

5. Anusara Yoga

6. Vinayasa Yoga