Aerial Silk workout in Delhi.

Aerial silk is the best all round workout. Fitnesolution has always been a pioneer in the Fitness industry. As our endeavor to give clients the latest and the best workout, we have introduced aerial silk workout. Get ready to climb, twist and hang. You require strength and flexibility to do this. Beneficial to both dancers and non dancers. We do it only with our personal training clients. We do not have it as a group activity.

Benefits of Aerial workout

1. Incredible strength and stamina.

2. You become long and lean.

3. Develop strong core.

4. You stretch deeper without much strain.

5. Your whole body gets workout. Each muscle feels it.

6. You improve balance.

7. You improve your spacial intelligence and kinesthetic awareness. You get 3-D perspective.

8. You reinforce body alignment.

9. You feel empowered to hold your full body in the air.

10. You discover new inverted postures.

Come hang and fly with us!!

Aerial silk, also known as aerial tissue is a wonderful workout. It requires some strength and flexibility, some good conditioning and fitness level. You certainly need to warm up before attempting to do climbing, straddles, or even aerial yoga. We also have aerial hammocks. These are fabrics, that hang from high ceiling and there is professional rigging hardware. Things that are required are Figure 8, auto lock carabineers, sometimes also swivel. These workouts resemble acrobatic workouts. These are gravity defying gymnastic moves.

Climbing is the best workout that you can ever get. It targets your arms, shoulders, wrist, core, legs, and the whole body so to say. It is the latest fitness trend these days. These are no longer meant only for circus or gymnasts or performance artists. They are being widely used for workouts. Once you are up in the aware, you are very aware of your body, you have heightened kinesthetic awareness, and you tighten your core and activate the right muscles. It is not just physically but also very mentally challenging.

People, who do this, find it very challenging initially but they also show improvement very fast. They build stamina and strength. They improve their technique and there is tremendous sense of achievement. Flying in the air is an exhilarating experience.

Men and women equally enjoy this. This is better than doing push-ups and pull ups/ chin ups. You really need upper body strength. Women can get flat abs doing this.

Aerial yoga or aerial hammocks are different from aerial silks. In aerial yoga, you practice your yoga postures or asana in the loop or the hammock. Aerial silk, on the contrary is like a loose rope freely hanging that you need to climb and requires more technique and strength.

One should not do this if you have any kind of injury- back/spine/ knee, shoulders, wrist, etc. If you have weak bones, arthritis, etc. do not attempt this. Here you suspend and hand your body weight on the bone joints.