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Frequently asked Questions

Where is your studio?

E-193, Greater Kailash-II, New Delhi. See the location here.

Can you please give the directions please?

From Savitri theatre (which is now called DT cinema), come inside to GK-II, after that it is

1st Right

1st Left

2nd Right

Do you have any other branch in Noida/Gurgaon/ west Delhi/ etc.?

No. We are only in GK-2

Is it a gym? Do you have aerobics class/ yoga class/ pilates/ etc etc?

We are neither a regular gym nor group class.

We do personal fitness training. We cater to one to one client. We have a gym and a fitness studio. We work one to one with each client. We offer aerobics, yoga, pilates, etc in personal fitness training.

How much do you charge per month?

We charge Rs. 40,000/- for a month. For 12 sessions in a month. 3 times per week.


3 months (36 sessions) = Rs. 1,10,000/-
6 months (72 Sessions) = Rs.2,10,000/-

What is the duration of each session?

Each session is for 50 minutes.

What do you do in those sessions?

After meeting you, the trainer designs your workout plan. We do variety of things like aerobics, step, yoga, kickboxing, Pilates, conditioning, weight training, TRX, Bosu, swiss ball, floor exercises, aerial silk, etc.

Do you also do diet counselling?

Yes. That too is a part of your package.

Can I do a trial session?

Yes. The charges for 1 session are Rs. 5000/-. You can do it. If you decide to join, you can get it adjusted towards your fee.

Can you send a trainer home?

Kiran Sawhney, herself trains only in GK-2 studio. But we have trainers that can be sent to your home. They have been trained by Kiran Sawhney herself and are well qualified. The charges still remain Rs. 40,000/- for 12 sessions in a month. You will have to buy little equipment.

How much can one lose weight in a month? Is there a guarantee that I will lose weight?

There is no guarantee. It depends on a person to person. It depends whether you follow your diet plan and are regular with your workouts. On an average, our clients lose 4 kg in a month. 1 kg every week.

I want to join aqua aerobics? Do you have a pool?

We offer aqua aerobics. But in GK-2, we do not have a pool. We offer it in personal training. If you have a pool or have a membership of some hotel/club, then we can send our trainer. The charges are Rs. 40,000/- for 12 sessions. You have to pay for pool charges separately.

Do you take kids? / How old clients do you take?

We have age group from 8 year to 78 year old coming to us. We do only personal training.

Can two people join together?

Yes. Two people can join together. If you want to workout with a friend, spouse, etc. we have no problem. Our charges still remain Rs. 40,000/- for a month. It is not per person charge. It is for 12 sessions. You may split the charges amongst yourself.

What if I have to travel outside? What if I have to cancel a session?

Our cancellation policy is that your 12 sessions have to be finished in one month. They cannot be carried forward to the next month. You have to cancel 24 hours in advance. Or else your session is counted. So if you are traveling, let us know in advance and also after coming back, try to cover up your sessions.

I am not from Delhi? How can you help me?

We also offer e training/ online training. You can enrol with us. See the package that you want to choose and we will send you your workout and diet plan online.

Do you also have dance classes?

Yes, we teach Tango. See more information about it here.

I am pregnant/ I have just delivered a baby. Do you offer classes that suit me?

Yes, we do prenatal and post natal training also.