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Personal fitness trainer Delhi
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Welcome to Fitnesolution- #1 personal fitness trainer Delhi &NCR

Fitnesolution, Fitness Centre, Delhi &NCR- Specialises in personal fitness training.

Fitnesolution is the best Fitness centre in India with industry's top personal fitness trainer. We have a range of fitness and Image makeover activities. We started in 1996. We have created a niche market for ourself.  We focus only on personal fitness training

We offer range of activities like corporate fitness trainingPersonal fitness trainingAerial silk, Aerial YogaAerobicsStep aerobics, KickboxingYoga, Tai Chi, PilatesAqua aerobics, strength training, resistance training, Swiss Ball, boot camp, battle ropes, fitness ladder, functional training and some unique modules such as Ramping UpBosuBhangra Aerobics, Dancercise, Bollywood workout, TRX etc. We also have gym machines.

Our USP is Corporate trainingPersonal Training. Through years of experience, we have learnt that each individual is unique and requires a specialised program plan which should be customised and tailored to his/her needs. We take into account a person's medical history, present fitness level, fitness goals, fitness interests and based on that, we design a program and help a person to achieve the goal. We have a comprehensive and integrated approach towards health and fitness. We understand each person's uniqueness, thought process, lifestyle and mindset. That is why, our success rate so far, has been 100%.

Our aim is also to educate our clients so that they are able to be independent in future and be able to modify their own workout plans. We believe in focus, targets and result.

People who really want to see their best body, lose weight, tone up, shape up, build muscle, prevent ailments, bust stress, rehabilitate an injury and are serious about their workout should contact us. Fitnesolution has in house gym. Our forte is personal fitness training. We do not offer any group classes.

personal fitness training Delhi
Personal fitness trainer delhi

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